Accurate Balancing Agency provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive third party testing, adjusting, and balancing of air and water systems. This service is provided to mechanical contractors, general contractors, as well as directly to building owners. All services are performed in accordance to project plans and specifications and to the NEBB procedural standards.
  • Thorough surveys of existing building conditions including current air and water flows and fresh air introduction data.
  • Rebalancing of existing installations to restore or improve building comfort.
  • Certified Duct Leakage Testing in accordance with current SMACNA procedural standards.
  • We are certified in the field of Sound and Vibration Testing and perform this service in accordance with NEBB procedural standards.
  • Fume Hood Testing and Certification services are available for new as well as existing installations.
  • Consultation services are available for specialized troubleshooting of all HVAC deficiencies.

Accurate Balancing Agency, Inc. services