Sustainable Practices

Accurate Balancing Agency takes sustainability seriously. From the services we provide, to employment practices and environmental issues; we are mindful of our impact in the Northwest:

  • During the process of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing; a large part of what we do involves optimizing the efficiency of the buildings we work on.
  • Our Duct Leakage Testing service verifies the integrity of the HVAC systems installed which increases the efficiencies of these systems.
  • We offer our employees competitive wages, benefits, vacation, and sick time.
  • We offer our employees 100% company paid family health insurance.
  • We print all applicable documents double sided to reduce paper usage.
  • Most in-house documents are shared via email and electronic files.
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, styrofoam, metal, and batteries. Jason makes sure we are up to date on the latest recycling options available.
  • We encourage employees to participate in our quarterly non-standard item and hazardous material recycling program.
  • All office cleaning supplies used are biodegradable.
  • Our office uses high efficiency long life bulbs.
  • We use local vendors and suppliers whenever possible to support the local economy and reduce shipping waste.
  • We volunteer our time to work on forest restoration projects in our area.